Your skin knows.

Your skin is unique.

Let your skin’s authentic beauty awaken.
Inspired by oriental botanical applications, we carefully select plant extracts and consolidate them into mtm labo’s special library of extracts for [ custom-blended skincare ].

Each customized label on your personalized skincare product records a wonderful journey of authentic beauty.

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Embark on a journey to re-discover your skin.

At mtm labo, we take pride in learning about every nuance of your skin to decode the secrets within. Our trained consultants will go through a one-on-one consultation with you to analyse your skin condition and understand your skincare and lifestyle habits. After knowing your skincare concerns, we will select for you the most suitable skincare products and treatments, enhanced by the application of suitable botanical extracts from our extract library to your skincare products and treatments.

So speak with us today and let your skin’s authentic beauty awaken through this custom-blended skincare journey. Learn more about your skin and create your very own skincare ritual.