Rediscover your skin.

Understand your skin and its needs with our complimentary one-on-one consultation.

Get to know your skin better with a facial analysis using our MTM Aesthetics Profiling System (MAPS), followed by a chat with our trained consultant to understand your skincare and lifestyle habits.

After knowing your skincare concerns, we will customise the products and treatments according to your needs.

MTM Aesthetics Profiling System

The skin analysis is conducted through digital image technologies to let you understand more about your skin. Our MTM Aesthetics Profiling System gives you insightful ‘Past-Present-Future’ skin data – the essential building blocks towards your skincare regime – and ends the guessing game.

One-on-one consultation

Our trained consultants will explain the results of the digital skin analysis with you, and provide you with professional skincare advice by assessing your skincare needs and concerns, as well as your lifestyle habits.

Custom-blended treatments

After knowing your skincare concerns during the skin consultation, we will select the most suitable botanical extracts from our extract library to formulate your personalized skincare solutions, so that your skin will receive the best care. 

"After a consultation with MTM Skincare professionals, they will determine the possible causes of melanin formation and suggest suitable extracts that can be incorporated into the products. For instance, Japanese rice bran addresses UV exposure; melia for ageing; sakura for stress; and MoraBright for menstrual cycle."

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