mtm labo and Mr. Kenya Hara

Mr. Kenya Hara and his team have been dedicating full support for our rebranding project. Over the past 4 years of collaboration, they have been endeavoring to present a timeless brand image that goes in line with our brand’s years of history and the rationale of our [custom-blended skincare] philosophy.

We were impressed by Mr. Kenya Hara’s idiosyncratic designs that entail his unique perspective on the world. Our genuine admiration for his design has finally led us to our present collaboration, and his team’s pursuit of subtlety and meticulousness has gradually inspired our total confidence in their design competence.

mtm labo. Your skin knows different. By means of rebranding design and advertisement, we hope to replace our customers’ presumptions about skincare solutions with a new regard for beauty.

mtm labo’s Creative Philosophy

We express our gratitude to Mr. Kenya Hara for providing us the following descriptions to illustrate mtm labo’s creative philosophy.

To Clarify

The objective is Eastern beauty; it is not to decorate, but to clarify. It is not some added charm, like perfume or lipstick. By ultimately elucidating the natural complexion, mtm labo actualizes each client’s latent beauty. This the image we prioritized in our design.

The fundamental color of mtm labo’s packaging is a deep green, a color that captures the essence of nature. The aim was to create a mysterious color that invigorates life by meditating on nature. Its translucent character brings an awareness to the color of life itself.

We focused on the complexions of potential clients, who tend to have dark hair and delicately colored skin. To capture the authentic beauty of mtm labo’s customers, we commissioned the photographer and videographer Yoshihiko Ueda for his trusted talent.

It was my first undertaking of mtm labo’s full range of logo, packaging, video editing, advertising, shop collateral, website and so on. I wanted both to properly fulfil the trust put in me by the client, which has always thoughtfully created cosmetics for the bare complexion, and to bring forth something lasting that would endure the test of time. 

September 16th, 2020 

Kenya Hara, Design Director