In Store Purchase Policy

  1. I agree and confirm that my complete personal attention is important to achieve the best possible results of the recommended MTM Custom-Blended products.
  2. I have been duly explained to and I understand that skin response to products individually. The stated potential results cannot be rendered unless the replenishment schedules are kept, and my lifestyle and dietary habits are managed to attain the best possible results.
  3. I confirm the accuracy of my personal information given during my skin analysis.
    For hygiene and safety reasons, no refund or exchange will be considered for products that are MTM Custom-Blended or brought out of MTM outlets.
    30 days member’s re-blending service can only be provided when the questions are answered accurately and upon presentation of the original tax invoice and valid membership issued by MTM Skincare Pte Ltd.
  4. Storage of purchased products within MTM outlets is strictly not allowed.
  5. I agree to the above recommended series of treatments and I understand that the skin response to treatments varies among different skin types and conditions; and complete professional attention cannot be rendered unless all scheduled appointments are kept.
  6. I understand and agree to the above recommended series of treatments and understand even if entire treatment schedules have been adhered to, there will be varying skin responses and results to treatments among different individuals, skin types and conditions.
  7. I understand and agree that there are risks involved in any skincare treatment and I am aware of such risks and hold MTM Skincare Pte Ltd harmless under any circumstances, including any injuries or damages incurred.
  8. Cancellation of appointments notice period: 24 hours advance notice on weekdays 48 hours advance notice on weekends and Public Holidays are required. Else one treatment session will be deducted.
    No-show appointments will count towards one treatment session used.
  9. Series discount will only be applied when all treatments in a series are completed, otherwise the single treatment price will apply, including deducting all benefits given or used.
  10. Credit from any unfinished treatment series can be transferred to other treatment series. Unused treatments of a fully paid series can be exchanged for product credit certificates. However, all used treatments will be deducted from the paid total by each treatment’s single session unit price. The standard cancellation policy applies.
  11. The signed package expires within one year from date of purchase.
    MTM Skincare Pte Ltd may, from time to time, allow the customer to utilize in part or in full the balance treatment series/package after the expiry date. However, such extension is strictly out of goodwill and does not constitute to any variation or change to this contract at any point in time. The company has the right to cancel any balance treatment after the expiry date and no refund will be allowed.
  12. MTM Skincare Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend terms and conditions including changing the price of any package, promotion or offer, terminating any offer or package before stated validity date, changing the details of the package, promotion or offer or any other changes in order to protect the interests of the company or under circumstances of abuse.
  13. mtm labo Singapore is under the management of MTM Skincare Pte Ltd.
  14. Decision by MTM Skincare Pte Ltd is considered final.